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The Oklahoma Livestock Activities Liability Limitation Act

Oklahoma Equine Activity Statute

§ 50.1. Short title–Legislative intent–Construction

A. This act shall be known and may be cited as the “Oklahoma Livestock Activities Liability Limitation Act”.

B. 1. The Oklahoma Legislature recognizes that persons who engage in livestock activities may incur injuries as a result of the risks involved in such activities even in the absence of any fault or negligence on the part of persons or entities who sponsor, participate or organize those activities.

2. The Oklahoma Legislature finds that the state and its citizens derive numerous economic and personal benefits from livestock activities.

3. It is, therefore, the intent of the Oklahoma Legislature to encourage livestock activities by limiting the civil liability of livestock activities sponsors, participants and livestock professionals involved in such activities.

C. The provisions of the Oklahoma Livestock Activities Liability Limitation Act shall not be construed to conflict or amend Sections 10

Release and Waiver of Liability for Equine Activity and/or Carriage Rides
(Including Assumption of all Risks of Bodily Injury)

I understand that there are inherent risks of injury, including death, when participating in an Equine Activity, which risks include, but not limited to (1) the propensity of an equine to behave in ways ‘that may result in injury or death to persons on or around them, (2) the unpredictability of an equine’s reaction to such things as sounds, sudden movement, and unfamiliar objects, persons, or other animals, (3) hazards such as surface and subsurface conditions, (4) collisions with other equines or objects, and (5) the potential negligence of another participant, such as failing to maintain control over the equine, or not
acting within the participant’s ability.

Knowing and understanding the risks of participating in an Equine Activity and/or Carriage Rides, including injury and death, to my persons and damage to my personal property, I expressly choose to assume these risks.

Further, on behalf of myself, my heirs, successors, personal representatives, administrators, representatives, and assigns, I hereby unconditionally release any and all claims and causes of actions against Ava K’s Carriage Service LLC, and its/their owners, shareholders, officers, directors, principals, employees, agents, representatives and show personnel, for any injury, including death, and for any damage to personal property, which I may incur as a
result of my participation in this Equine Activity and/or Carriage Rides.

If the undersigned is the parent, guardian of representative of any minor participating in this Equine Activity and/or Carriage Rides, the undersigned agrees to indemnify the above described Equine Activity Sponsor (including its/their above described related persons and entities) from any and all claims and causes of actions brought by or on the behalf of said minor at any time. The undersigned agrees that this instrument is binding and his/her heirs, personal representatives, administrators, representatives, and assigns. I also agree to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by Ava K’s Carriage Service L.LC.