Ava K's Carriage Services

Our Story

Ava K's Carriage Service, LLC is owned by Kathy Vincent and her husband Paul. They uniquely named their business after their 1st grand-daughter. 

In 1981 Paul and Kathy were married and you guessed it, when they exchanged their vows and left the church a Horse and Carriage was waiting for them. Kathy and Paul have always had many types of horses, but Kathy's love has always been the "draft horse" as the mere size and movement is awe-inspiring. Our Business started as a hobby when Kathy bought her 1st work horse from Wisconsin in 2006 and was love at first sight of this massive jet black Percheron, named Rocket. We purchased an Old Fashioned Doctors buggy and gear and enjoyed sunset rides in our neighborhood. Kathy said "What an experience this would be for other people", but her buggy only held 2 people (including herself). So after searching we found a Vis-a-Vis to accommodate up to 6 people. Not just any carriage though, this carriage is over a hundred years-old (vintage) and has a history of taking some well-known people for romantic rides. Since then Ava K's has shared this magical and unique experience to hundreds of people on a romantic carriage ride.

Owner Kathy's granddaughter Ava—whom the business is named after—meeting Rocket for the first time.

Owner Kathy's granddaughter Ava—whom the business is named after—meeting Rocket for the first time.

Since then until now, the business has grown to include another horse, and 4 more carriages to provide your own unique experience. With over 200 weddings and countless romantic rides, be it a corporate event, prom, engagement, Princess party or just to say "I Love You," Ava K's provides a service Second to none. Kathy makes your event special, from flowers to treats to dressing the part and even a special gift for your occasion. With Kathy's vast experience and knowledge, she makes each event unique no matter how small or large.

So schedule today or make a call and ask for Kathy, make arrangements, and she will make your occasion something stress-free, all-inclusive and special just for you.

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